Here’s what was on the Morning News for Monday, March 3.

Kevin learns about online fraud from an author

Okay, so, in case this was forbidden knowledge to anyone, I am a bit of a nerd. Kind of.

For a while, in my life, I was one of those guys who was actually “paid to play a videogame.” That game was World of Warcraft.

I answered an email from what I thought was a Blizzard rep, which involved going to a link and changing my password.

The crafty devils made everything look perfect on their mock-up website and within an hour, I’d lost everything.

It was, for someone who was committed (addicted) to a game and a community, one of the hardest things I’ve ever suffered through.

The thing about scams is that once you get hit, you become a self-serving sentinel of making sure it doesn’t happen again.

If you’ve never been hit by one but still worry about it, Brian Trainor’s book Stop Fraud may just be perfect for you.

Some runway hairstyles in studio with Jessica

With New York Fashion week and the Academy Awards over, chances are there are a few hairstyles that caught your attention.

That’s certainly the case for me.

Alicia and Kassy from Capelli Salon Studio picked some of the hottest trending styles and demonstrated how we can achieve them.

What I found interesting is the “wet look” that’s coming in. Watch the clip to see what I mean.

These styles are all very achievable, especially the “static look”!

Saskatoon police chief speaks with Jessica about a tragic weekend

I find it comforting that Saskatoon police are really making an effort to keep us updated on what’s going on in our city through social media.

Local cops are blogging about what’s going on out there and their experience in different cases.

We also chatted about Saskatoon’s crime rate and although there was a homicide over the weekend, the rate is dropping.

Kevin talks about taking part with Team Diabetes

I can’t run so well.

I’m learning and my cardio’s getting better, but as of yet, I wouldn’t trust myself on a course of any size bigger than “mini putt.”

Team Diabetes, however, I could get behind. Raise a little money, becoming a better athlete… it’s certainly worth considering.

Then, there’s also hanging out with Gregger from 98.3 Cool FM! What better treat exists!?

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Melissa learns about the national diving championship coming to Saskatoon

Today I had such as wonderful time learning about diving from the Saskatoon Divers Club.

Jayden is an incredibly talented young man who was also offered a scholarship from Columbia University!

I always thought diver training took place in the pool and learning that much of it happens on dry land was quite the eye opener.

You can see from the clip that gymnastics are highly incorporated.

So much athleticism is involved in making sure those dives are clean and precise.

The winter senior national diving championship begins Friday. If you would like to see some of the country’s best divers head down to the Shaw Centre.

Kevin and Jessica take a look at what to expect Tuesday on the Morning News