OTTAWA – What would a convention be without some swag?

The Manning Networking Conference, organized by former Reform Party leader Preston Manning, brings together the country’s foremost conservative thinkers for a weekend of discussion and debate in Ottawa.

But what was really getting people’s attention Friday was a booth where you can make your own buttons.

Whether you were against legalizing marijuana or in favour of the oil sands, there was a pin for you.

Attendees got to choose a picture and then used a small machine to create the pin by themselves.

Marina von Stackelberg/Global News

People lined up to make pins emblazoned with the likes of Preston Manning, former Ontario premier Mike Harris, and, of course, Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

But the most popular pin was the one featuring Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

“I’d rather drink with Rob Ford, than smoke with Justin!” (Not sure where this pin would stand on crack cocaine.)

Marina von Stackelberg/Global News

In an effort to reach the entire Conservative base, the button company gave some political options: Abolish or reform the Senate. (Yet no option to keep it as it is.)

A button presents two options: abolish or reform.

Marina von Stackleberg/Global News

And finally, a pin to show just how strongly attendees feel about big government.

Caption: “Size Matters: Good Government means Small Government”

Marina von Stackelberg/Global News


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