MONCTON –  Jeff Boudreau has taken listening to tunes in the car to a whole other level.  Just over a year ago, he launched a web show called Jeff’s Musical Car.

“I was driving around with my son one day and I had a camera in the front and I flipped it inward to get him dancing and singing along with me,” Boudreau said. “I put it on Facebook and everyone liked it and the idea just popped into my head.”

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Boudreau mounts a few cameras in his car and records musicians playing live crammed into the back seat. The unique concept has exploded online and now Boudreau is being recognized for thinking outside of the box. He has been nominated for two East Coast Music Awards.

“That was probably my proudest moment since I started this, for media person of the year and media outlet of the year and I am still in shock about that,” he said.

He said he launched the show to help local bands get more exposure. Corey Hachey is lead singer for the band, 60lp’s and said Boudreau’s show has helped to give his band more exposure.

“We did a Jeff’s Musical Car ride in April and since then we’ve had people come out to our shows and say, ‘Hey we saw you on Jeff’s Musical Car. So we came to check out your life show,’” Hachey said. “So it has definitely helped us out in that respect.”

Boudreau doesn’t make any money with his show, it’s just a hobby and is all about the love of music.

“Just to expose people to others genres of music. I cover rock to punk to country,” Boudreau said “It’s just a way for people who would not have given a band a chance but in this setting they would be more likely to do that.”

The ECMA winners will be announced on April 6 in Charlottetown