Good morning folks. I have been waiting to tell you about the new Orab-B Black 7000 electric toothbrush.

I knew about it and have been trying one since October 15 last year, but had signed an agreement not to talk about it pending its release in Canada this week.

I was the only Canadian journalist to attend the unusual launch by Oral-B at the private Monticello Motor Club in upstate New York.

The launch attended by Oral-B management must have lasted 45 minutes. The real fun was getting to drive 500 HP plus exotic cars around the track with helmets and a racing instructor while pushing the pedal to the metal. I had three half hour runs and it was a “gas”, having consumed a good amount of petrol at high revs around the hilly and winding track.

Ok, I digress. The idea for Oral-B was to show that its new 7000 toothbrush was faster than a revving race engine. OK, it is.

So now that its out in Canada I can talk!

The Oral-B 7000 is built like a German car but no finesse


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The Oral-B Black 7000 Electric Toothbrush, available for under $160, comes with a kit including a tough travel case, two brushes, a small footprint inductive charger and a wireless smart guide device. It’s monochrome screen (runs on two AAA batteries included) communicates wirelessly with the toothbrush and uses simple graphics to tell you when the recommended 30 second quadrant of tooth cleaning is over so you can move over to the next one.

Nothing like German engineering ordering you around while brushing your teeth!

It works but frankly it’s a bit of a gimmick, but it’s a pre-curser to the upcoming Bluetooth interactive toothbrush announced last week at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. It’s not known yet if it will work with this model.

It will be like the recent Kolibree Smart Toothbrush I saw at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, it will report your brushing history and technique to your smartphone or tablet. That model won’t be out till summer and the makers didn’t spend too much time talking about the quality of tooth cleaning like Oral-B does.

The Oral-B 7000 is the fastest rotating toothbrush at 40,000 times a minute. It rotates, oscillates and pulsates in five modes, including a tongue cleaning, which goes through a short cyclical pause, it was a cool experience.

I have comparing it for months with my Philips Sonicare DiamondClean rechargeable toothbrush, $229, with similar travel case but better designed USB toothbrush charging when you travel, and a very classy thick rinse glass that also acts as a wireless inductive charger for home.

But you can get a cheaper Philips model for less than $150.

How do they compare?

They both make the same claim about how much better they are at cleaning, massaging, whitening and removing plaque compared to a regular hand-held toothbrush.

I believe it, but I didn’t find any difference between the two in outcome. My last dental checkup reported similar plaque I had before (especially between the teeth where the seemingly hi-tech designed Orab-B brush head should have done a better job).

The companies are being polite to each other so all things being equal, I want to focus on my ownership and experience.

Philips wins hands down. It is sleeker, more like an art piece, lighter, easier to use with one larger button that also acts as a mode changer compared to the Oral-B 7000 which has a separate mode change button, both harder to press.

I could not tell what mode the Orab-B was at, other than noticing the sound for each selection. The Philips shows each mode through a clever LCD display embedded in the white or black model plastic handle and unlike the Oral-B, remembers the last mode you had it on.

The Philips is much quieter and smoother to hold, insulating the vibrations. The Oral-B has louder grinding noises.

If you don’t mind the more mechanical sounding and operating design, the Oral-B might be a better fit for you if you believe its techier looking brushes do a better job.

Maybe The Netherlands are not known for their cars like Germany is, but they sure know their toothbrushes.



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