Rothesay, N.B. – The RCMP’s major crime unit has been called in to investigate a fatal shooting in Rothesay, N.B. Friday night.

“We will gather the evidence we require. Anything that’s available to us we will collect,” said RCMP Const. Damien Theriault. “Then we’ll talk also to witnesses and from there we will try to determine exactly what occurred last night.”

The shooting happened around 7 p.m.. Rothesay Regional Police had been called to 27 Shipyard Rd. to respond to a family dispute.

However, the siutation escalated and an officer discharged a firearm, injuring a 27-year-old man.

The injured man was rushed to hospital in nearby Saint John, however, he later died of his injuries.

Nathan Wilson lives near the home and says he thought he heard a loud noise last night.

“I was on the phone and I heard a big bang outside but I was not sure what was going on,” he said.

Other say it’s hard to believe such a serious incident could happen in Rothesay.

“Nothing like that happens here no,” said Steve Gillis. “It’s kind of scary that kind of stuff doesn’t happen in rothesay usually but I guess it can happen anywhere.”

Wilson said he’s still in shock.

“I think it’s shocking because this residence is not violent and it’s just crazy that something like this would happen out in a small town like this,” he said.

RCMP say they are investigating the incident because a police officer was involved.

“When a police officer is involved in a shooting, an outside police force is usually called in to investigate,” Const. Theriault said.

Other people Global News spoke with said police had been called to the area before, however, RCMP would not comment on previous incidents.

The investigation continues.