Watch the video above: Saskatchewan deals with record winter weather

SASKATOON – To say this Saskatchewan winter has been cold is an understatement and experts have the numbers to back it up.

It seems as though we can’t catch a break from the cold.

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  • UPDATE: Saskatchewan no longer under wind chill warning

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“We’ve just been in a perfect set up for that cold arctic air to come down into Saskatchewan, so what we need is a good ridge in the pacific and something like an upper high around Hudson Bay like we’re seeing right now and that just filters the cold air into Saskatchewan,” said John Paul Cragg, Environment Canada warning preparedness meteorologist.

December was frigid, there was a bit of a warm up in January and according to Cragg, February has been the coldest in about 20 years in Saskatoon and roughly 35 in Regina.

“You look at the records for 1936 in Saskatoon and the average temperatures was around minus 29 degrees, where as this February it will be about minus 19, so about 10 degrees colder which is significant when you’re talking about average temperature over the whole month,” said Cragg.

The last time Saskatoon had a winter this cold you have to go back to 1995/96.

This weekend is expected to be the coldest we see this winter.

“The last time we saw temperatures in the minus 40s was in 2009, so it’s been five years since we’ve seen the minus 40s, so if we get them it will have been a longtime since we saw them before,” said Cragg.

Last winter, we had snow coverage for six months, the year before, it was almost like winter didn’t hit.

With the flip of the calendar, Saskatchewan weather is so unpredictable, spring could spring before you know it.

March will definitely be coming in like a lion.

No matter what the temperature,  it will feel like a lamb.

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