Watch the video above: Family mourns death of son after homicide

SASKATOON – A family is grieving after the loss of their son, 29-year-old Dustin Boulet, who died after being stabbed beside a bar in Saskatoon.

“The world hasn’t stopped, but mine did, I’ll miss everything about him,” said father Glenn Boulet.

Police were called to the Cold Beer and Wine Store beside Bridges Ale House and Eatery early Saturday morning.

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  • Police investigate Saskatoon’s 2nd murder of 2014

Officers found three injured men, who were all taken to hospital.

One of the men, Dustin Boulet, later succumbed to his injuries.

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“He was celebrating his birthday, it was his 29th birthday, he was out with all his friends,” said Chad Boulet, his brother.

“One of his friends was involved in a fight outside. He went outside to stop it and he got stabbed,” he explained.

Dustin’s father says his son never hesitated to help others.

“When he was a kid in school, I used to watch him come home every day and start eating like crazy, and I’d go ‘well that’s not my son, because he packs a lunch’,” said Glenn.

“I finally asked him ‘what’s going on?’ ‘Well, dad, there’s kids at school who don’t have meals you know’. So he was taking his lunches and giving them to the other kids. That was my boy… that was my son,” he explained.

Chad says his brother had an undeniable love for sports, his friends and most of all, his family.

“He’d give the shirt off his back; he’d help anybody in need. He was the epitome of a good man,” said Chad.

“We’ll love him and miss him forever,” he said.