We’re just a couple of days away from the Heritage Classic where the Vancouver Canucks and the Ottawa Senators will hit the ice at B.C. place, and already controversy over ticket sales is brewing.

They’re slow, and some people are blaming the lack of rivalry between the two teams and the one-hundred dollar price tag.

Hockey writer Harrison Mooney joined Jill Krop on Unfiltered and said the idea of rivalry between the two teams is outdated by nearly a century.

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“It is weird to hear the NHL talking about this rivalry or this history. If it goes back to 1915, we don’t really have much in the way of remaining rivalry. I think Daniel Sedin was asked about it and he said yeah ‘I remember that good times’.”

Mooney also said tickets sales are lagging.

“It’s going to be embarrassing for the NHL. It’s going to be embarrassing for the Canucks. They want this to be a sellout. It’s the last of the stadium games.”

In addition to slow sales, an email glitch from the Canucks promised free Heritage tickets to hundreds of youth hockey players by mistake, leaving many kids disappointed.

One company , K-Line Sales, solicited the help of a broker who waived his fees to buy the tickets and send an entire team of eight and nine year olds, the Abbotsford Jets, to the game.  The Coach of the youth team, Anthony Bucci is delighted and despite the mix-up, he still remains a Canucks fan.

“We’re not mad at the Canucks;  we’re just disappointed. We’re all Canucks fans and we’ll all remain Canucks fans.”

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