WINNIPEG – Callie and her mother, Crystal, have been hard at work stockpiling winter necessities for Winnipeg’s less fortunate.

“We see a lot of people who are probably homeless and they all have backpacks,” said Callie, who wishes to keep her last name private.

So last month, Callie decided to start Callie’s Backpacks.

She fills them with winter items like hats, scarves, mitts and toiletries to provide warmth for the homeless.

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“We’re hoping that being so cold, that it’ll make them feel a little happy to have something of their own,” said Callie’s mother, Crystal.

Callie has been using her allowance and collecting donations to help fill the bags.

So far, Callie has collected enough for 60 bags, but her goal is 500.

There are 12 donation dropoff locations throughout the city from schools and businesses to homes.

Once the backpacks are put together, the family will donate them to a shelter, like Siloam Mission.

With the extreme wind chill reaching close to -50 on Saturday, Callie’s winter backpacks will be coming at the perfect time.

“You wear things out a lot faster if you have to wear them a whole lot,” said Dan Maxson at Siloam Mission.

But making sure clothes aren’t worn out is just the beginning. Teaching children at a young age about the positive change they can make is heartwarming for the mission.

“They’re the citizens of tomorrow so if they get the picture when they’re young and understand the connection they can make and the impact they can make,” said Maxson.

Once Winnipeg thaws, Callie is planning on also making summer backpacks, filling them with rain ponchos, lip balm and baseball caps.